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Field Travel Jacket

Adventure is more to you than just adventure, because from one place to the next, you seek out thrills and challenges, your personality drawn to difficulty just as much as it is to fun. You go out into the world prepared for combat, but you also move about smoothly and easily. This field jacket – which is available in camo, military green, and midnight black – includes 28 different vital features, each one supporting you along your adventures, wherever they make take you and whatever they may be.

Made from 100% cotton, this  jacket is lined with RFID blocking tech, keeping intruders away from the sensitive information contained on your credit cards and identification documents. There are pockets for everything from your wallet to your Apple pencil to your vape pen to your camera to your cash to your power pack to your sunglasses and beyond. You may find yourself discovering new pockets and compartments long after you have first donned the jacket, its design simple but fast. There is simply no way to overstate the utility of this durable jacket. Optimize your life, optimize your wardrobe, and know that you are ready – for anything.